What is AI or Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to know about Artificial Intelligence, how much artificial intelligence has been divided, what is the use of artificial intelligence in the future, how to use artificial intelligence, what is the use of artificial intelligence, and what is the future in it If you want to know things, then you should read this article whole, because in this article we discuss these things.
What is AI or Artificial Intelligence
Types of artificial intelligence or AI Type or Type AI
Artificial Intelligence future or Future of AI or AI future

What is AI or Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence definition: When a machine or a software person decides whether he should work and whether it is right or wrong for him, it is called an Artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence examples: There are lots of examples of artificial intelligence to explain, but we will explain to you here by using some popular examples.
The self-driving car also comes under an Artificial Intelligence because it can take its own decision as to which place it is to go and through which turn it will have to pass and think good or bad for yourself.
There are many robots that have become a great example of artificial intelligence, but we are going to talk about Sophia Robot, which is a very popular robot that can take his own decision, what he should do and what he should not do It is right or wrong for him. The biggest thing about this robot is that whatever he talks about, or by thinking himself and thinking, he talks and then gives the answer.

Types of artificial intelligence or AI Type or Type AI

Ai is divided into two parts:
  1. Weak AI or artificial intelligence
  2. Strong AI or artificial intelligence
1. Weak AI or artificial intelligence: The weak ai is also called artificial narrow intelligence, it comes under the Artificial Intelligence, which is designed for any purpose, cannot do anything other than work such as playing chess games or controlling traffic. Running a car falls under all of this weak ai.
2. Strong AI or artificial intelligence: Strong ai is also called Artificial General Intelligence. It comes under the Artificial Intelligence, which can take its decision as human, for example, as a human being, and can decide as to what kind of work it should be done to humans And what is not right for him is wrong, and like humans always can learn something new, without any help himself, it is called Strong AI.

Artificial Intelligence future or Future of AI or AI future

Artificial intelligence future is good and bad too. So we will divide it into two parts and understand it well, first Artificial intelligence how good it is for our future and the other Artificial intelligence how danger is for our future.
  • Artificial Intelligence advantages:
  1. Ai has made a lot of work of our lives easier, which was done in many hours, it happens today in the second, like many years ago today, mathematics had to calculate anything, then the pen was used only one copy, but the time Whatever calculator has to be done, then the hours can be done in seconds by using the calculator.
  2. The second is an example that the person who does the work in 1 day does the machine immediately, it has made our work very easy as its use factories have made it much easier to use today by using it.
  3. Whenever a person had to go out of his car, he had to drive his own car, but in today's time, your car is controlled by a machine which automatically runs your car and goes to your destination without There is a problem.
  • Artificial Intelligence disadvantages:
  1. All people have different views about Ai or artificial intelligence. Some people say that this is not a threat to our future because we have made the machine, the machine has not created us, while some people say it is a threat to our future. It can be proved because the ai machine has the ability to learn automatically; at one time it will come when it can think much faster than humans and take its own decision about what it should do and Or not then maybe he could revolt we humans.

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